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Elevating Homebuyer Delight Customer Satisfaction Brand Image

Bridge the Gap

Your Customer Documents, Organized & Accesible

Centralized storage ensures safe keeping and easy retrieval of customer documents, efficiently organized for quick access and improved accessibility.

Notified in Zero Cost

Cost-Efficient Communication: Utilize free notifications to keep customers informed instantly, ensuring budget-friendly communication with zero additional costs.

Track Progress Build Confidence

Real-Time Progress Tracking: Monitor project milestones instantly, boosting customer confidence with transparent updates and milestone notifications for informed engagement.

Personalized Updates Instanly Delivered

Tailored Communication: Personalize updates to match each customer’s preferences, ensuring instant delivery for timely communication and strengthened engagement between developers and homeowners.

Your Customer Documents, Organized & Accessible

  • Store all customer documents securely in one place
  • Effortlessly access and manage customer information
  • Streamline customer support with quick document retrieval

Track Progress, Build Confidence

  • Share real-time project updates with captivating photos
  • Enhance customer engagement throughout the construction journey
  • Boost confidence with transparent financial information

Personalized Updates, Instantly Delivered

  • Engage in personalized conversations with homeowners
  • Deliver timely project updates directly through WhatsApp
  • Foster a sense of community and responsive communication

Drive Upsells & Referrals

  • Provide personalized offers based on individual preferences
  • Increase customer satisfaction with tailor- made promotions
  • Empower satisfied homeowners to refer friends and family

Document Centre

Keep all customer documents, including contracts, agreements, and other important papers, securely stored in one place for easy access and organization.

Info Hub

Share comprehensive details about customers, including home booking forms, preferences, and other relevant information, ensuring that all crucial data is readily available when needed.

Progress Sharing with Photos

Keep homeowners informed about project progress by sharing real-time updates and milestones, supported by captivating photos that showcase the development’s growth.


Provide customers with a transparent view of their financials, displaying details of payments, receipts, and financial transactions, ensuring clarity and trust.

WhatsApp Integration

Automate communication with customers through WhatsApp, enabling seamless and personalized interactions, creating a stronger connection with homeowners.


Send out timely announcements, project updates, and important notifications directly through the app, keeping homeowners informed and engaged throughout their homeownership journey.

Personalized Offers

Run targeted and personalized offers on the app, tailoring promotions and services based on individual customer preferences and needs, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Referral Campaign with the App

Empower homeowners to become brand advocates by running referral campaigns through the app, incentivizing them to refer friends and family to your projects, driving referrals and expanding your customer base.

Branded App

Personalize the app with your real estate brand’s identity, providing a seamless and professional experience for homeowners.

Android and iOS App

Reach a wider audience with a mobile app available on both Android and iOS platforms, catering to diverse user preferences.

Easy Data Import

Effortlessly import and manage homeowner information and project data, reducing manual data entry and saving time.

Seamless Integration with the Frontline App

The Frontline app simplifies the process of importing data and connecting with third-party services. It's ready to use, ensuring a smooth integration experience. Whether you're importing customer information or linking with external tools, the Frontline app offers a straightforward and convenient workflow enhancement.

Words Form Customer

Frontline has truly transformed my experience as a homeowner. The app's real-time updates and seamless communication features keep me informed and connected every step of the way. It's made managing my home projects a breeze!


As a developer, I rely on Frontline for efficient project management and customer communication. The app's document management and integration capabilities have saved me valuable time and resources, allowing me to focus on delivering exceptional results.

SarahReal Estate Developer

Frontline has exceeded my expectations in terms of customer service and transparency. The app's personalized offers and timely updates have made my home buying process incredibly smooth. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a new home.


Frontline has been a game-changer for our team. Its seamless communication and data management features have significantly improved our workflow and efficiency. We can now easily collaborate with stakeholders and track project progress in real-time.

RachelProject Manager